About Me

I moved to London 9 years ago from Washington DC, eager to embrace my new British home. Originally, I found London very cold and grey, but my city wanders led me to a different side of London – one that is colorful, beautiful, and full of inspiring spaces. I started documenting my pink finds on Instagram and felt embraced by the community of photographers, London aficionados, and fellow pink lovers. It’s a developing journey, but these days you can find me taking photographs around the city, creating beautiful moments indoors, writing travel guides, and the occasional personal essay.

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s a feeling. It’s happy, beautiful, unique, bold – that joie de vivre. I take photographs to inspire these feelings and work with brands who embrace that joyful life, and I hope that’s how you feel after popping by.

For collaborations, or business opportunities, please contact me at julie@londonispink.com.