The top 7 pink doors of London

I have a well documented instagram gallery showing London’s love affair with the color pink, but I have some favorites to share with you! These are definitely worth finding if you happen to be a pink-obsessed London lover, like myself, or if you are a responsible instagrammer/blogger during the age of millennial pink.

The LOVE door, Oakley Street, Chelsea

Chelsea love

Of course I couldn’t write this list without the famous pink LOVE door! It took me years to find this door, and now that it’s on my map I love to walk past it whenever I’m in the neighborhood.

The garden door, Notting Hill

Pink door

Ok, this door is a bit of a wild card! It’s not what you think of when you think of gorgeous perfect London houses, but what can I say – I think the imperfections make this door so beautiful!

Door no. 24 1/2, Chelsea

Chelsea 24 1:2

This prim and proper 24 1/2 stole my heart from the moment I saw it a friend’s instagram feed. Worth combing the streets of Chelsea for this stunning door!

The Cheeky Pink door, Holland Park

Holland Park door HIll and Friends

This door belongs to the lovely Emma Hill, the genius behind those cool Hill & Friends bag that I’m saving my pennies for. I love that she just slapped some huge googly eyes on her door in a super posh neighborhood, humor I can appreciate!

The Wisteria-laden Pink door, Notting Hill Gate

Pink wisteria Notting Hill

The wisteria you see here is about 5% of the HUGE wisteria vine that covers this whole house. It is a site to see, and you can smell the sweet scent before you even see it. You can also see the line of photographers before you actually see the door, but it’s worth it if you can catch the door during peak wisteria season (typically April/May).

The Pink door and railing to match, Notting Hill

Notting Hill pink door and railing

I adore this house (which is also covered by a huge wisteria vine!) and also had a brief awkward encounter with the homeowner. He saw me attempting a photo and then sheepishly hiding my camera, and he laughed and waved at me from his window. CAUGHT RED HANDED.

The Pink Jasmine door, Holland Park

Holland Park pink door jasmine

Perfect shade of pink and covered in jasmine – definitely one of the prettiest pink doors around!

Happy pink door hunting! These are just my favorites, but have a look at my instagram feed if you’d like to see (many) more!

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4 thoughts on “The top 7 pink doors of London

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the new website. I took a lovely two week family vacation to London in August and all of your photos take me back there. I have always loved doors and your photos make my already happy heart sing! Thank you.


  2. Pink doors are a joy aren’t they? Always make me smile when I see them. I have a yellow mini which is also a smile maker


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