A London Christmas Walk: Mayfair

If I’m looking to get into a jolly Christmas mood, I know I will always be able to rely on Mayfair to bring a bit of magic. I can’t think of a more beautiful place at Christmas than this elegant neighborhood of London. Home to some of the most luxurious hotels, shops, and restaurants, youContinue reading “A London Christmas Walk: Mayfair”

5 Pink Cafes You Have to Try in London

One of my favorite things about London is the cafe culture. There is something for everyone, and in the past couple of years, the number of pink cafes is on the rise! There is something irresistible about sitting down for a cake and a tea (or my fave – beetroot latte – yes, it’s pink!)Continue reading “5 Pink Cafes You Have to Try in London”

London’s Hidden Villages: Brook Green

Ok, I’m about to let out a big secret. We moved to London nearly 6 years ago, and first lived in Barbican, then Highgate. Lovely places, but neither quite clicked with me. I was missing something. It wasn’t until we moved to our current neighborhood that I fell in love with London! Suddenly I wasContinue reading “London’s Hidden Villages: Brook Green”

London’s Hidden Villages: A Day out in Connaught Village

Is there anything better than a day spent in a London village, filled to the brim with independent shops and cafes? Lucky for us Londoners, there are many to choose from, all with different personalities, and all very walkable. Recently, I spent a day in one of my favorites – Connaught Village. With its periodContinue reading “London’s Hidden Villages: A Day out in Connaught Village”

Five things to do on a day out in Notting Hill

Ahh, the gorgeous Notting Hill. Home to the famous Portobello Road…or maybe you know it from the movie with That Blue Door and Hugh Grants floppy hair…this colorful neighborhood has a feel all its own. A day in Notting Hill is always a good one, and is never quite enough! Here’s my list of theContinue reading “Five things to do on a day out in Notting Hill”

Blooming London: Where to Find London’s prettiest Magnolia

The warm weather this year has shocked all of London, including the delicate and pretty magnolia blossom – they are being coaxed out a bit early this year! I thought I would share a few of my favorite place to find these majestic flowering trees. Early to mid-March is typically peak magnolia in London, butContinue reading “Blooming London: Where to Find London’s prettiest Magnolia”

My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)

It’s cold and dark outside. I’ve just recovered from the flu. I’m endlessly searching warm places to holiday. It must be January! Do you feel it? I’ve never been particularly good at January, but especially since moving to London where it’s dark and the weather is often grey/rainy, I’m not the easiest person to beContinue reading “My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)”