Blooming London: Where to Find London’s prettiest Magnolia

The warm weather this year has shocked all of London, including the delicate and pretty magnolia blossom – they are being coaxed out a bit early this year! I thought I would share a few of my favorite place to find these majestic flowering trees. Early to mid-March is typically peak magnolia in London, but it really does vary tree by tree. I hope this guide inspires you to go and explore the prettiest time of the year in London.

South Kensington. Walking between the South Kensington and Gloucester Road tube stops will bring you face to face with some of London’s most statuesque magnolia trees. With the gorgeous white stucco London mansions as a backdrop, the magnolia blossom colours just pop.

Notting Hill. There are several of these beauties around Notting Hill. Exit the Portobello Road tube stop, walk towards Portobello road and don’t be afraid to explore the side streets that are dotted with colorful houses and doors, and make your way to Holland Park, for some stunning magnolia.

Chelsea. Chelsea is actually covered in magnolia! It’s hard to walk around the village without spotting one. My favorite place to photograph is the area around St. Leonards Terrace – it is magnolia heaven.

Cathedrals and courtyards are a good place to find magnolia. St Mary le Strand is framed by magnolia trees, the churchyard in St Olave Hart Street, and courtyards south of Chancery Street (and getting lost in the back streets and courtyards in this area is like going back in time!).

Outside of London, there are a handful of National Trust gardens that would be a gorgeous day out! Find the gardens here.

Happy blossom hunting!

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