Afternoon Tea: Langham London and the Perfect Scones

Afternoon tea is one of the delights of the British culture. Who wouldn’t like to spend an afternoon sitting with your favorite cup of tea, lovely sandwiches and desserts, and of course the star of the show – the scones.

For those in the know, you’ll already know that scones make or break the tea experience. For me, it is the defining characteristic of a perfect afternoon tea. Nail that perfect fluffy scone, and I’ll be a loyal devotee of yours forever.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the difficult research of finding the best scones in London and I’m pleased to introduce you to the afternoon tea at Langham London! The birthplace of afternoon tea is said to be in the Palm Court in this stately hotel, and perhaps this is how they’ve absolutely perfected the tea in every way.

I’ve experienced their tea a few times, and it is flawless every time. Recently, they introduced a new children’s tea in partnership with Daunt Books. Each child can choose from a selection of books, which serves to both occupy them during the tea, and as a lovely memory to take home.

The childrens tea also features adorable kid-friendly jigsaw sandwiches, desserts, and scones. The menu (for both children and adults) is seasonal and features local harvests, jams, foods across the sweet and savoury courses.

The Palm Court is absolutely stunning, located in the beautiful Langham hotel, just off Oxford Circus. You are absolutely spoiled by the lovely staff, completely taking care of anything and everything you need, which for us always includes a refill of the sandwich tray and scones.

Nothing like an afternoon tea at the Langham London. Don’t miss it if you’re looking for a special experience for a birthday, mothers day, or girls afternoon out!

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