Sticky Cinnamon Maple Buns

We’re having an unusually cold and rainy Spring here in London. Normally we would be taking day trips to gardens or the seaside, or going on walks around the city. But instead, we’re hunkering down inside, and looking for ways to make home feel cozy. In my opinion nothing beats the smell of cinnamon lingeringContinue reading “Sticky Cinnamon Maple Buns”

Afternoon Tea: Langham London and the Perfect Scones

Afternoon tea is one of the delights of the British culture. Who wouldn’t like to spend an afternoon sitting with your favorite cup of tea, lovely sandwiches and desserts, and of course the star of the show – the scones. For those in the know, you’ll already know that scones make or break the teaContinue reading “Afternoon Tea: Langham London and the Perfect Scones”

5 Pink Cafes You Have to Try in London

One of my favorite things about London is the cafe culture. There is something for everyone, and in the past couple of years, the number of pink cafes is on the rise! There is something irresistible about sitting down for a cake and a tea (or my fave – beetroot latte – yes, it’s pink!)Continue reading “5 Pink Cafes You Have to Try in London”

Taste of Home: Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookie

After 6 years of expat living, I’ve started to figure some things out. Drive on the left. “You alright?” is just a greeting, not a concerned question for your well-being. Fish and chip Fridays. Yes, being an expat is a constant challenge in reassessing the way you live life. Out of all the ways IContinue reading “Taste of Home: Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookie”

In Paris: One Day, Five Patisseries

When my friend, Sara, invited me to a one day trip to Paris with the sole purpose of eating desserts, I booked my Eurostar tickets before even checking to make sure someone could watch my kids. Sara is a formally trained patisserie chef, and knows her way around the vast city of Paris with aContinue reading “In Paris: One Day, Five Patisseries”

7 insta-worthy brunch spots

There is no shortage of brunch spots in London, but there are some that stand out for their special attention to fresh ingredients and beautiful interiors. In the instagram age, cafes are popping up everywhere, but they are not all created equal! These are some of my favorites, the ones I keep coming back toContinue reading “7 insta-worthy brunch spots”

Afternoon tea: A pink dream at sketch

I remember the first time I saw a photo of the perfect pink interiors of the sketch gallery room: the most posh and cool pink interiors I’ve ever seen. A few months ago – before they changed the gallery art! – I was lucky enough to have afternoon tea, sitting in those instafamous delightful puffyContinue reading “Afternoon tea: A pink dream at sketch”