London life: My top 5 casual summer shoes

One of the questions I’m often asked is what shoes should I pack for a London trip. And for good reason. You’ll do a ton of walking around this lovely city and you need something that keeps you looking cute and comfortable. Also, the weather. British summers are known to be unpredictable. Just today, I got caught in two downpours, enjoyed sunny/hot weather, walked 2 miles and biked for 3 miles – and I never worried about soggy feet. I’ve finally mastered the proper footwear for walking around this huge city with unpredictable weather.

Note, if you buy something through an affiliate link (marked with *) I will earn a small commission at no cost to you. Keep in mind I would only ever recommend products for their quality. Thank you so much.

My top pick for short walks around town are Arizona Two-Strap Birkenstocks.*

They are the perfect pink (rose pink), but they come in other summer friendly colors, as well. Aside from being ridiculously comfortable – I feel like I’m walking on pink clouds – they also have a great grip, so no slipping on wet London pavement.

If you’re out for a longer stroll, and need something with a little more security, i.e. straps, then you want Saltwater Sandals.* I’ve worn my red pair for two summers now, and they are so comfortable from day one.

Have you seen the Arizona Love tevas trend? How cute are these Trekking Sandals* made by Nanou Beachwear? Love that Liberty print.

For the days where sandals aren’t in the cards, I have three recommendations for trainers that I love for year round, but great for long summer days.

Veja V-12 Trainers*. A cult French brand that you’ve likely seen on the likes of Meghan Markle and Emma Watson, and they’re a big favorite in the UK! Veja works with small producers in Brazil to produce ecological and fair-trade shoes, made from recycled water bottles and wild rubber. I love a simple and chic trainer, and this one fits the bill.


Novesta Star Master Trainer. I love the chunky rubber sole of these shoes, and the contrast with the beige shoe. Made in Slovakia, with natural rubber and 100% cotton canvas.


Last recommendation are another cult favorite of French women (I have a thing for French cult brands, what can I say?), and I’ve been wearing these for years: Bensimon Elly Trainers*

(Photo credit: Pinterest/unknown)

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