London life: My top 5 casual summer shoes

One of the questions I’m often asked is what shoes should I pack for a London trip. And for good reason. You’ll do a ton of walking around this lovely city and you need something that keeps you looking cute and comfortable. Also, the weather. British summers are known to be unpredictable. Just today, IContinue reading “London life: My top 5 casual summer shoes”

Expat Files: Dressing for Unpredictable Weather

As I write this, it’s absolutely chucking down outside. We have plans to go shopping this morning for the kids, and rather than scratching plans due to bad weather, we’ll throw on our rain gear and head outside! After all, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. So get yourself aContinue reading “Expat Files: Dressing for Unpredictable Weather”

Taste of Home: Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookie

After 6 years of expat living, I’ve started to figure some things out. Drive on the left. “You alright?” is just a greeting, not a concerned question for your well-being. Fish and chip Fridays. Yes, being an expat is a constant challenge in reassessing the way you live life. Out of all the ways IContinue reading “Taste of Home: Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookie”

My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)

It’s cold and dark outside. I’ve just recovered from the flu. I’m endlessly searching warm places to holiday. It must be January! Do you feel it? I’ve never been particularly good at January, but especially since moving to London where it’s dark and the weather is often grey/rainy, I’m not the easiest person to beContinue reading “My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)”