A London Christmas Walk: Mayfair

If I’m looking to get into a jolly Christmas mood, I know I will always be able to rely on Mayfair to bring a bit of magic. I can’t think of a more beautiful place at Christmas than this elegant neighborhood of London. Home to some of the most luxurious hotels, shops, and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice if you’re after something new and shiny. Or if you’re like me — here for the window shopping and people watching, well this is your place. The shopfronts don’t miss a trick when it comes to putting on the most dazzling displays. It’s the real deal! I’ve put together a little guide for seeing the best of the best in this posh London neighborhood.

Starting from Marble Arch station, turn right onto N Audley Street. If you’re feeling peckish, NAC Mayfair is a lovely brunch spot, or The Mayfair Chippy across the street does a lovely fish and chips. If you’re after a takeaway, pick up your order and grab a bench at the nearby Grosvenor Square. A lovely spot for people watching (and a place I know well – as it was the old US Embassy!).

Continue down S Audley Street, and you’ll find a goldmine of Christmas decor.

The instafamous bauble ceiling at 34 Mayfair is truly spectacular with over 14,000 decorations across the restaurant.

A little further down S Audley you’ll run into the cheeky pup adorning the door at George Club.

On the next corner, Harry’s Bar with its beautiful pink, green, and pastel baubles.

The genius behind these installations is Jane Wadham – also the creative mind behind the designs at Annabels. I think we can all agree Jane is a national treasure!

The beautiful Grosvenor Chapel, which has served the parish since 1730, is on the next block. It is currently only open for private prayer, but it should be noted that this is the setting for the Kiera Knightly wedding in Love Actually – yes, THAT wedding with the flash mob band playing All You Need is Love. (Side note- was this the birthplace of the flash mob?)

Trace your steps back up S Audley Street and head East onto Mount Street towards the Connaught. One of the prettiest streets in London, and home to shops including Christian Louboutin, Marni, Simone Rocha, and of course, Celine. The shopfronts are a delight.

Stop into pink paradise that is The Connaught Patisserie for a little taste of Paris in London from pastry chef, Nicolas Rouzaud. Don’t miss the Paris-Brest.

The Connaught is always decorated to the nines, unfortunately as this is the season of staying outside, you might not get a peek at the inside. Thankfully, they have decorated the entrance, and its always worth a snap on your way past!

Continuing past the Connaught, keep heading East towards the Marchesi bakery – don’t miss the beautiful cakes on display in the window.

Still up for a little more? Turn left onto Davies Street, and you’ll find the beautiful florist Wild Things Flowers.

Brook Street is home to Claridges, who have a real art deco treat of a Christmas tree inside if you can manage a peek!

Turn right onto New Bond Street and you’ll see the beautiful glittery christmas lights adorning the streets.

Just walk the entire length towards Louis Vuitton, and you’ll run into the famed Cartier, tied up perfectly with a red bow.

If you fancy a few arcades, we love the red baubles in the Burlington Arcade this year, and the pink hued Royal Mews always stops me in my tracks. Also a lovely place to window shop or pick up a few stocking stuffers or gifts for family and friends.

We’ll end the walk at the Queen of shops, Fortnum & Mason. Known for their luxury hampers and gorgeous varieties of tea, chocolate, and other luxury goods – we visit every year to see Father Christmas. Sadly, we weren’t able to visit this year with Covid, but thankfully we could still pop in for our annual Christmas ornament – they have a beautiful and quirky collection!

For a little bonus, if you’d like to see a few more shopfronts, apart from the obvious biggies nearby (Regents and Oxford street), head to the quintessentially English street Jermyn Street for the festive shopfronts. The most charming Victorian and Georgian architecture that will have you pinching yourself and wondering if Father Christmas himself lives right on this street!

Hope you enjoy the walk and please tag me @londonispink on your outings, I’d love to see. xx

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