Moving house in a pandemic, part 1

I never thought I would be worried about getting sick from moving boxes, yet here I find myself. I sit in my London flat, surrounded by boxes yet to be filled with all the things we’ve acquired in 7 years of living in London, and wondering to myself, Should I wipe every box with ourContinue reading “Moving house in a pandemic, part 1”

Expat Files: Deciding to stay in London

I’ve been wanting to write this one for so long. We are in our seventh year of London life – I actually can’t believe it, we never thought we’d be here longer than two years, yet here we are. I wrote our story of how we came to England, and how it all worked withContinue reading “Expat Files: Deciding to stay in London”

Expat Files: Dressing for Unpredictable Weather

As I write this, it’s absolutely chucking down outside. We have plans to go shopping this morning for the kids, and rather than scratching plans due to bad weather, we’ll throw on our rain gear and head outside! After all, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. So get yourself aContinue reading “Expat Files: Dressing for Unpredictable Weather”

My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)

It’s cold and dark outside. I’ve just recovered from the flu. I’m endlessly searching warm places to holiday. It must be January! Do you feel it? I’ve never been particularly good at January, but especially since moving to London where it’s dark and the weather is often grey/rainy, I’m not the easiest person to beContinue reading “My Guide to Surviving January in London (or anywhere)”

Expat Files: Becoming an American in London

I don’t normally write personal posts, but I’ve gotten so many messages from you all about what brought me to London and what my experience has been, I thought I’d share my story. One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how can I move to the UK?” The short answer is: it’s complicated!Continue reading “Expat Files: Becoming an American in London”