London in Bloom: Five Best Places to See Cherry Blossom

Planning a trip to London? I can’t think of a prettier time to visit when the cherry blossoms are out in bloom. It’s no wonder it’s my favorite time of year in London. So, when can you see cherry blossoms and where should you go to get the best shots of these lovely pink blooms?Continue reading “London in Bloom: Five Best Places to See Cherry Blossom”

London is Pink Guide: Holland Park

One of my absolute favorite neighborhoods to get lost in is Holland Park. Holland Park is the genteel, quieter neighbor of the wild and colorful Notting Hill. It’s like the older sister who grew up, settled down and decided to buy a few nice things. But, even though older, she’s not afraid to show theContinue reading “London is Pink Guide: Holland Park”

Expat Files: Becoming an American in London

I don’t normally write personal posts, but I’ve gotten so many messages from you all about what brought me to London and what my experience has been, I thought I’d share my story. One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how can I move to the UK?” The short answer is: it’s complicated!Continue reading “Expat Files: Becoming an American in London”

13 best activities for kids in London

The lovely thing about living in London is it caters to whatever you need, and the same goes for families. We feel lucky to raise our kids with London as our playground. Endless parks, museums, kids clubs, restaurants, and friendly people (and pups, of course) to make any outing enjoyable. These are some of ourContinue reading “13 best activities for kids in London”

7 insta-worthy brunch spots

There is no shortage of brunch spots in London, but there are some that stand out for their special attention to fresh ingredients and beautiful interiors. In the instagram age, cafes are popping up everywhere, but they are not all created equal! These are some of my favorites, the ones I keep coming back toContinue reading “7 insta-worthy brunch spots”